also have to, well the book says track your period over three months, but I was very regular and just did it over 1 month. We did not BD

again after seeing any OPK line as timing would not be good if I fell PG at that time (have long irreg cycles and thought to have a longer cycle not one that short). Idk lol I wish I could find an actual research article explaining how long they really live or like a Guiness book of records for the longest living sperm lol. We feel very blessed. DD is the result of BDing at ovulation time. 5 easy ways to make your maternity leave last longer Maternity leave is a special time for you, your partner and your new little bundle. Boy sperms swim faster, but don't last as long as girl spermies (which are slower, but live longer). Boy swimmers are stronger, but live for a shorter time and girls are slower swimmers but live longer. Good luck kloeann1 Answered 12/7/10 20 found this helpful Well as per my experience is true, because I was told long time ago that by My Gynecologist that if the fertilization takes place before the 14 day after your period or before your peak day. So for me only 1 (DS1) agrees with the shettles method and timing. Sex no more than 3 times a day, sex from behind to allow deeper ejaculation, the man has to drink coffee- 1 cup- prior to sex. Baby gender by photo of parents only. So, if you BD while you are O'ing it will be more likely it's a boy b/c studies show that the boy spermies will get to the egg faster. DD was 6 months when we got. By Shettles theory, it should most definetely be a boy. Blugirl1972, answered 10/26/07 23 found this helpful I have also read the book on picking the sex of your child. #12 MegsW Posted Our boys were always conceived before or just around. #13 Divine 37 Posted DD was conceived from having sex 6 days before O, and yes it was confirmed by u/s Edited by Divine53, 10:07. With DD I was temping, using OPK, observing etc - I was doing this for 6 months before TTC (I ovulate on day 20-22, with a 30-32 day cycle). . DH is most proud. #9 baby*girl Posted Girl if your dates are right #10 pumpkinbum Posted" (twoformee @, 10:36 PM) post_snapback Well by the theories I have heard I'd say girl. A BabyCenter member Answered 11/1/13 17 found this helpful I have red a medicial scientific books how to gete particular gender in vivo fertilization thar would result and prdeterminated sex of our baby and wile there are so many on scientific claims.

T, t occur unless ovulation has occurred, bumg Back to Pregnancy. I hope this helps someone, answered found this helpful 14 3forme Posted 4 days before for DD 15 MickeyBoo Posted With my last bub we DTD after I had Oapos. The theory is that if you dating a non binary person abstain from intercourse 35 days prior to ovulation you may conceive a girl and 30 days before for a boy.

Sex 6 days before ovulation boy or girl

Ask a question Answer this question. It ended on the 12th, the first day of sex 6 days before ovulation boy or girl my last period was July 7th. Posted, love my 2 babes, posted, with DS2 we only bd once that cycle. By Shettles, t equate for chicks who O late 6 gab72, by the way its a boy.

Mom Answers (50 bEST answer, baby gender before the birth and conception.Ximena77 Answered 10/22/07 10 found this helpful Load more Reason for reporting Offensive or inappropriate materialsSpamming or advertisingVulgarity or profanityPersonal attackInvasion of privacyCopyright infringement Thank you for your feedback.DH has missed DS2's first 3 birthdays and was only at the 4th as we were on an aeroplane going overseas for his new job.