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you learn about animation, cinematography, lighting, mood, etc, etc the more ideas you get that need to be explored. Your goal will be to test all features and report back any issues. Ok fine I will keep the dev vids to a minimum and Ill spare you my boring how to make an animation videos! Ill intersperse them with old and current animations though to keep things fresh for the longtimers Development actually spans 3 titles, it started out as Evil Nuns, which originally involved 3 dick girls, but with my intention to create a fully animated title I eventually. Dont ellie and jared we will miss you grandpa worry about the hair! He never masturbates for me, though. Also if anyone out there is still using Windows. Okay, that didnt come out so well. . This time well get right to the core of the friendship, the two girls. I wake up at the same time as the Viking nicknamed by a mutual friend for his height and heritage. Up next more specifics on the content! Speaking of which Ive mentioned Ive got a fun stuff section in this title, which is essentially an experimental area where anything goes. At the time I was so proud of it, it took almost a week to animate, and it was the first walk I had been happy with, but in the end I hadnt actually found any use for in the set. After I had planted my head in every wall in close proximity it was time to face the consequences.

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