EU and its Member States will continue to support the Mission by providing qualified staff, appropriate equipment and extra-budgetary contributions. We also have to remain flexible to cope with

the challenges of the day. We are therefore deeply concerned about the ever-mounting evidence of the direct involvement of military personnel of the Russian Federation in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. We deeply regret that Russian so-called humanitarian convoys continue to enter Ukrainian territory without the consent of or inspection by the Ukrainian authorities and without fundamental international humanitarian principles being observed. The European Union warmly welcomes the Chief Observer of the osce scotiabank tt online personal banking Observer Mission at two Russian checkpoints on the Russian-Ukrainian border, Mr Paul Picard, back to the Permanent Council. The EU and its Member States have provided both in-kind and financial support to this important work. This naturally includes Nadiya Savchenko and Oleh Sentsov and all other Ukrainian citizens illegally detained in Russia and the illegally annexed Crimea. We call for respect of international humanitarian law and for humanitarian organisations to be supported and facilitated in their present efforts to deliver the assistance to the population in need. However, we consider that state executions should not be taking place in the 21st century. We also reiterate the importance of ensuring that humanitarian concerns are addressed by applying international standards on the protection of refugees. In this respect, we support measures for a strong and sustainable institutionalisation of gender issues in the osce, including a gender equality network of the participating States, regular Gender Equality Review Conferences as well as all necessary measures to ensure that a gender perspective. We note with concern that efforts were made by illegal armed groups to shoot down the UAVs operated by the SMM. Ainsi, il importe de doter lorganisation dindicateurs de performance transparents et fiables afin daider les Etats participants à orienter les décisions budgétaires quils doivent prendre. These provide a useful input to our discussions the coming days at the osce Ambassadorial retreat. We would like therefore to remind all participating States of their existing commitments laid down, inter alia in the osce Document on salw and the osce Principles Governing Conventional Arms Transfers, to combat illicit trafficking of salw and exercise due restraint in the transfer. Together with Turkey, we co-chair the Global Counter Terrorism Forums Working Group on the Horn of Africa, where we currently conduct a mapping exercise of the region. We encourage the current Swiss and incoming Serbian osce Chairmanships to continue exploring possibilities to return a meaningful osce presence to Georgia. We call on all parties to ensure secure and unrestricted access for the SMM's monitors and UAVs to all parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and the areas along the state border with Russia. The Integrated Field Exercise 2014 marked a key milestone in the development of the verification regime and was a major step for further advancing towards OSI operational readiness. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our concern, raised most recently during the Programme Outline discussions, at difficulties with regard to cross-cutting budgetary issues, in particular, increases in staff standard costs. We also need to ensure that the new model delivers tangible results through effective implementation in the field. We very much welcome the initiative taken by the United States and Chile to organise this briefing which brings a specific human rights situation into the focus of the UN Security Council by means of an open meeting in the Arria formula. .

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Published in January 2014, we therefore welcome the intention of the Office to strengthen the focus on analysing what works for youth employment in the five policy areas covered by the call for action. We reiterate our full support for the mediation carried out by the coChairs of the Minsk Group and encourage the parties to make greater use of the efforts undertaken by the coChairs with the aim indian college girl teacher sex videos of achieving a fair and lasting. Has the mandate to take appropriate action in the event of noncompliance with safeguards agreements where they pose.

Jill Southern, Assistant Director: The Truman Show.Experience Is the, teacher (2002).

We also sex reiterate our substantial offer to Israelis and Palestinians of a Special Privileged Partnership with the EU in the event of peace. Conflict prevention, through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights eidhr the European Union offers substantial support to civil society organisations that strive for the eradication of torture and work to ensure accountability for torture and illtreatment. I add my voice to all of those calling on the Russian authorities to urgently release Ms Savchenko on humanitarian teacher grounds. We urge Russia to stop its continued violations of Ukrainian airspace and to contribute to restoring security. Today, the proven transparency record of the Vienna Document with its information exchange and notifications is one of the core elements of the document. Important not only for the country itself but also its impact on the region as a whole. We consider the fight against Violent Extremism and Radicalisation that Lead to Terrorism verlt a very good example of the osces crossdimensional approach.

The European Union (EU) and its Member States warmly welcome today's speakers to the Forum for Security Cooperation and thank them for the interesting and thought provoking presentations on the effectiveness of the Vienna Document (VD) regime and regional Confidence and Security-Building Measures (csbms).We underline there can be no alternative to a negotiated settlement which respects the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine.Coming to the thematic distribution of resources, we note that the largest share of the TC Programme in 2013 was devoted to health and nutrition, addressing fundamental human needs.