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seen child porn on Michaels nightstand)? Pulling me up onto all fours, I was shocked the first time I felt him slap my behind. He wasted no time yanking my shorts harshly off of me and pulled me to the floor. Oh fuck, it was the best orgasm I ever had. Yeah, well you werent responding and it was getting harder to see you. From Roger Friedmans article we also find out that our supposition that Thorson could go to London only in 1981 and accompanied Liberace to pick up an award at London Palladium turned out to be completely correct Alex Thorliefson confirms the date and even the. M michael jackson, michael jackson reminiscence, michael jackson michael jackson, michael jacksons, michael michael jackson, alexa Rank: #1,579,276 Google PR: 0 of 10 Daily Visits: 322 Website Value: 2,318 USD 0/5.0 scores (Votes: 0 michael Jackson The Official Michael Jackson Site. Scott, if your story checks out, that sum would be my finders fee. That moment was perfect. But this is not the point I wanted to draw you attention. He pulled out almost to the tip and slapped it again, and then pushed himself all the way in deeply. I was asked to submit a few songs for inclusion on Invincible. (Thorson, the Zelig of all high crimes and misdemeanors, claimed that Nash had been responsible for the Wonderland, aka Laurel Canyon, murders in Los Angeles in 1981.) Thorliefson says Thorson is in dire need of cash, hence the story sale to the Enquirer. There he told me that. We were mutually quite shy. Eddie Nash, aka Adel Gharib Nasrallah, was a Palestinian immigrant who built a small but formidable empire in the drug-fueled 80s, a vast, interconnected network of trendy Los Angeles nightclubs and hotspots: the Starwood Club and Sould Out in West Hollywood, the Paradise Ballroom, the. 1976 Meets cute dog groomer Scott Thorson, age 17ish. THE initial scotts version WAS turning intnowball The story told by the National Enquirer was awful. Y., described as a drug dealer with ties to organized crime who made headlines for allegedly ordering the so-called Wonderland murders, a grisly sex quadruple homicide that took place two days after. With everything he had on his mind he still took time to reply me and he again showed me that he remembered my name and our talk that night. Mading: Hed sell his mother Then he gives you that smile, said. Well, all went well at the meeting session. A police photo from a stalking case The name of the guy was Bartucci and what is interesting about him is that he waited for full 20 years in order to come up with his story in 2004. Thorson eventually landed: at a Christian-based homeless shelter in Tallahassee, Fla., called the Haven of Rest. What else is interesting about these revelations besides their vulgar manner and salacious content? You only had a twin size bed while Latoyas room was very luxurious. Youll figure out why when I get video to the meat of this story. He signed a Bad shirt for me and gave me a warm, sweaty hug. He kept looking at me and shaking his head and whispering, God, youre soooooo beautiful. Scotts friendship with Michael was in London while Liberace was appearing at the Palladium. He then took his mouth off my nipple and sucked on his fingers tasting.

Singer Michael Jackson is shown in a mug shot after he was booked on videos multiple counts for allegedly molesting a child November. Scott Thorson Liberaces Ex Adds To Jackos Woes BY george rush AND joanna molloy with BEN widdicombe Thursday. In this handout image provided by the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Office. He is presently working unavailable on a followup.

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2002, thorson was shot five times in a 1990 robbery but lived. I was lucky enough to experience, and this is that he is also an absolute scaredycat. But it didnt stop what we knew was going to happen and what we both wanted to happen. I was afraid to touch cute indian chick girls sex xnxx your penis. No matter what Scott thought of him Michael Jackson was so naïve in the early 80s that he could not even understand the reasons for rumors about his alleged homosexuality. After being showered with expensive gifts he turned around and filed a palimony suit against Lee for 113 million.

In 1990, Eddie Nash was tried in California state court for planning the Wonderland murders; emerging as a pivotal witness in the state prosecution of Nash was Scott Thorson, the one-time boy toy of flamboyant entertainer Liberace.He talked about being a musician all his life, he asked me how I got started in the industry, I mean we talked about everything.