flag her concerns with the retailers as otherwise nothing will ever change. We're all just trying to be the best parents we can. Big W publicly responded to

the post with a comment, thanking the Queensland mother for sharing her view and assuring Ms Friedman that they took her concern seriously. I have won the past two races on Mario Kart 8 and feel good. Queensland mother-of-one Nikita Friedman was shopping for her one-year-old daughter at Big W in Emerald in the Queensland Central Highlands when she was confronted by how inappropriate the childrens clothing were, describing a size one pair of girls shorts as skimpy'. Disagree, if you're concerned about your baby being sexualised or discriminated against due to a visible nappy then I feel very concerned for the welfare of that child as it grows. She says it is incredibly difficult to find age-appropriate clothing at Big. I fear for the doors life, it might not last long if my dad does not go shout at him. We will certainly discuss yours and other views posted to this thread with the relevant team, those responsible for buying kidswear and where appropriate respond back to you directly, Big W responded. 'This would probably explain why all the plain boys clothing is sold out - the girls need them too a mother replied to the post. Our 7 year old daughter is a child and we don't dress her like she's 7 going-on 30! Ms Friedman says she searched the store but was unable to find girls shorts with a reasonable length. Go to the boys section for your girls jeans - the girls ones are so tight they look like they've been sprayed on!

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