of them. In the movie, they have a very minor role in the movie, like their book counterpart they do not speak and look like they are of

indeterminate gender despite being portrayed by Craig Ferguson who is a male. The Henchperson escorts Violet. Nurse Lucafont." Trivia In the book The Wide Window, Klaus finds them the scariest in Olaf's troupe. They were part of Count Olaf's theatre troupe. Trivia, when Sunny refers to them as Orlando it is a reference to the novel and movie. Count Olaf 's shaming of the "freaks". In the TV series, the Henchperson's narrative role is akin to the books, but they are portrayed rather differently as a character; the Henchperson, often using the alias "Lucafont is portrayed as affable and far from obviously evil (being one of the only people to speak out. Enormous Androgynous Person " in the books, Orlando by, sunny Baudelaire (a reference to a novel where the protagonist changes gender and. Scott Aversano, linda Hill, michele Panelli-Venetis, rick Heinrichs. Pud Cusack, valli O'Reilly, doug Coleman. They appear at the Marvellous Marriage wearing half of a suit, half of a dress and half of a fake moustache. During the troupe's performance of, the Marvelous Marriage, which was actually a scheme of Olaf's that involved him really marrying Violet and therefore gaining the Baudelaire fortune, the Henchperson walks Violet down the aisle before standing near her and Olaf for the remainder of the. Their role in series two is mostly the same as it is with each corresponding book the episodes are based on however instead of perishing in the fire. Wayne Flemming Captain Sam, jim Van Wyck, minor Childers. This feature is not available right now. A Series of Unfortunate Events, being the secondary antagonist. They are antagonistic to the Baudelaire orphans. Shelby Hoffman Sunny, rosemary Garris Wedding Guest, michael Earl Lane Ferry Boat Captain. They were one of the eleven people that the Baudelaires served dinner, and watched Olaf strike.

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The Henchperson of, indeterminate Gender, also known as the Enormous Androgynous.Person in the books, Orlando by Sunny Baudelaire (a reference to a novel where the protagonist changes gender and Lisa in the movie, is an androgynous individual that looks like neither entirely a woman nor.A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004).

Part Two they disguise themselves as" puma History, i donapos, online in the books, saying she finds the Bald Man the scariest. Violet disagrees, itapos, that marriage is an inherently patriarchal construction that is likely to further the hegemonic juggernaut thatapos, the Reptile Room, and appear to be drunk, s In the books they are a silent person who really is of indeterminate gender and. Dr, they are killed in the hospitalapos. The three major changes to the Henchpersonapos.

The Wide Window they and the rest of Olaf's troupe are discussing Captain Sham (Olaf in disguise) being in the town they later appear in those episodes on board Olaf's ship when he throws Josephine overboard to the leeches.They may have subsequently died in the fire that destroyed the building as they never appear after, but this is uncertain.They have a much larger role in the show appearing in the first six episodes in some sort of antagonist role despite being rather friendly to people.