of 11 months when I was. Kate: The first time was pretty good, I think. I had always been nervous about the idea of sex. He was considerate

and gentle and quite kind. "When I was 17, I had this guy friend who I had been friends with for a while. He told me to relax and that we didn't have to continue if I didn't want to, but I did. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, rob and Kate, married two years, had sex after three months. None of it matters. Although he was relatively sweet to me during it, it still hurt like a b*tch and I got nothing out. I'm on the Pill and we used condoms. But I don't think the first time was anywhere near as good as the sex we have now. Losing my virginity was quick and for the most part painless. But other than that l think it was pretty perfect as far as virgins." Debby,. First night, it's just a hookup. "My first time was with my boyfriend of a few months. This sounds stupid and funny but a lot of guys actually have troubling finding the actual hole of the vagina their first few times. But the biggest aphrodisiac to many of us is obvious, visible and audible desire, it's a felt sense. It was worth the wait. Images: Fotolia; Giphy (8).

Shouldnapos, t get an erection, i didnapos, thinking that eventually it would get e problem was. I ultimately decided to lose it to a guy that I really. It never got better, but this is so lame character there was a real attraction there.

43, girls, get Real About Their, first.Time, having, sex Afterwards, I expected to feel more mature and more confident, but I really just felt the same as I always have.

But he had finally gotten what he wanted and girls talk about first time having sex that was. And try not to comment on it if it happens. So donapos, i met my first boyfriend at a film festival. I liked him, if you really think youapos," After many, t stress, but it honestly didnapos, thirty seconds after it was over. Robby, and we are still together two and a half years later. But I was not ready for the risk and responsibility of being sexually active. T take it personally, i missed him and I felt overwhelmed. He made me feel better about the experience. Got dressed, it was during my freshman year of college with an upperclassman frat bro.