the topic, its easy to fall into old stereotypes and old assumptions about men and women. What Are The Differences Between Men and Women? For example, women process

messages using up to 16 different parts of their brain at once, while men process messages using about six or 7 different parts of their brain at once. Common sense would tell her lets just take the top off for a while, and see what happens. Why do men, for example, refuse to ask for directions while women are busy peering at maps and landmarks during the same automobile journey? And sometimes they would perform different tasks and show the same brain activation.". "The results jumped out at us said Emily Bell, one of the researchers. Psychiatrists at the Stanford University School of Medicine announced Nov. Again using MRIs, he found that men have more than six times the amount of gray matter - which controls information processing - in their brains as women. "Being married is associated with higher self-esteem, greater life satisfaction, greater happiness and less distress, whereas people who are not in stable romantic relationships tend to report lower self-esteem, less life satisfaction, less happiness and more distress sociologist Claire Kamp Dushsaid yesterday. The truth is that when it comes to body language there are indeed differences between the genders. 7 that the sexes have different senses of humor as well. I'm not an expert and most of my evidence is from personal experience, but in the presence of men, women can be hostile to each other out of some kind of primitive act of territorial aggression. The Washington Times, december 2, 2005. Yes, some of the ones in the spotlight are butch, thus giving idiots who only check out the surface of the group the impression that it is one big tuna eating contest, but for those who actually give them a more thorough examination find that. Peter Silverstone, a psychiatrist. During the Canadian study, volunteers were given memory, language, spatial and coordination tests while their brains were monitored through the MRIs. "Human evolution has created two different types of brains designed for equally intelligent behavior said psychologist Richard Haier of the University of California at Irvine upon releasing his study of male and female brains in January. But women have a greater appreciation for language and fewer expectations, but if videos the punch line delivers, they have a greater sense of "reward the psychiatrists found. Greater awareness and understanding of differences can also help a great deal in preventing different interpretations of body language or, when those different interpretations occur, in resolving potential conflicts and misunderstandings. The sexes also differ in the intelligence department. The findings "may help explain why men excel in tasks requiring more local processing (like mathematics) while women tend to excel at integrating and assimilating information.

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Such as required for language the study found.They are only a starting point, however, because interpreting and understanding body language requires a great deal of observation and simply getting to know the characteristics of the other person.