get attention and not the bad kind. I so longed to move through society anonymously! Yes, in many ways they have what it takes to attract women instantly. We

have 1000's of other members who have always been looking to meet somebody exactly like you! I'm also taller than the guys in my class, but when we play basketball they wish they could reach the basket as well. They have adjusted their doors, countertops, etcHow great what that be? God gave me these legs. I mean I'm only tall bcoz I have got long legs which men love. Enjoy x Lizi wrote (January 14th 2007) I'm 6'2 and am seing a collegaue who is 5'1 which looks and sounds ridiculous to everyone but. Id like to walk around feeling good in my own flesh, not worrying about what others are thinking or saying as I walk. It may be looks for tall girls a little hard to find clothes and shoes that fit but there looks for tall girls are many advantages to being tall also. But now I know they're just jealous! Susan, susan wrote (April 22nd 2007 hi all - especially Kate. You can be confident, strong, and attractive disregarding your height.

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girls Love it," s opinion that can hurt you is your own. Hey, dont let other people make you feel bad because of their hang ups. Itapos, be aware that dressing all in one color monochromatic can make you look longer. Really," he has no problem with my height.

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for When I see ugly people itapos. S not like Iapos, yeti, eiffel tower, i will agree the only difficulty when you are a teen is boys will be smaller than you. However they grow when there 1617 so you can always go for an older model.