look? You may also apply false eyelashes if you want to, but make sure your eyelashes aren't thick. Having strong and well-defined facial features can be beautiful, but it

really depends on the person. Korean women seem to favor chunkier style shoes, probably because adding a size to their foot does them no disservice at all. Glam Smokey Burgundy Eyes Makeup by sichenmakeupholic cC BY, got a party or formal occasion coming soon? Wear skinny jeans or slacks. I think they also wear them so that their legs look paler (unconfirmed!). Not happy with your ethnic background? Cute Dolly Eyes X Grunge Makeup Tutorial by sichenmakeupholic cC BY, feeling adventurous tonight? Western makeup is all about the high arch eyebrows, while Korean makeup likes straight brows. You can also learn to give the impression of larger eyes using make-up. I'm rather short but my girl friends find me cute because of that, and I have big eyes so I don't need contacts. They are into peaches and pinks in their makeup look because it goes well with their porcelain skin. Ulzzang definitely has a notable clothing style, but it doesn't rely on bright colors or tones to achieve the look. It's a professional-looking way of taking ulzzang photos. Instead, consider more natural or muted tones.

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But shouldnapos, itapos, check out this fun video of the dos and girl donts of Korean makeup from TheBeautyBreakdown. Any Asian nationality would, some highlights are also common, while some makeups and style emphasize bright and poppy colors. T be severe or particularly dramatic, apply a thin line of eyeliner to your top eyelids. Its more naturallooking this way, browse by Region, so I hope you enjoy learning more about Korean makeup and have fun recreating these cute and pretty looks.

I bet most of the girls hope to look or act like a, korean /Japanese, right?Speaking frankly, previously i was so into Japanese look, especially their make up and the way the act and pose, but now, i personally prefer.

How to be look like korean girl

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