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caned and fucked. Disclaimer: a middle aged straight (but not narrow) white guy reviewing Canadian lesbian drama. Dorabella made an unconvincing cough noise. Heres what I know about you, online my readers. Local Celebrities Dan Deacon A local electronic composer and artist that calls Baltimore his home. But theres six to go, plus the one penalty stroke. Posted in Personal - my pathetic life Leave a reply Posted on December 23, 2016 by jaime 15 Note: This is a story about something that happened relatively early in my bdsm career. The trees looked better without baubles in them, and Im confident the shop assistants would look better if they didnt have to wear foam rubber reindeer antlers. And who had to be dragged off my cock by main force. I like coming in because the staff are sweet and I can find feminist slogans written in comic sans on clutches and candles. Look at me, Maddie. Anyway, she liked submission, and she was no end of an exhibitionist, so looking she was brightly striped and giddily happy. She put her hands on my shoes, so there was contact between. Incidentally, I wrote a Black Lace book once.

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I had my first tattoo done at this shop shortly after it opened and I have yet to find a more hospitable and comfortable atmosphere in a tattoo parlor.That was posted way back in 2013, and its still going strong.Start with the rules, come back January 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!