80s makeup. . This look gives the wearer a sensuous-but-sweet wild child of the 80s look. While crimps can go with any ensemble, we just love when they

are paired with long, flowing dresses with bold, floral prints or patterns. "You dont have to look like an old fuddy-duddy, but I believe it was Chanel who said, Nothing makes a woman look so old as trying desperately hard to look young Apfel has said. The Oscar winner, who's ever the expert on aging gracefully, added that she isn't afraid of stepping into her seventh decade: "I look forward to being older, when what you look like becomes less and less an issue and what you are is the point.". Nothing says 80s valley vixen like tons of blue or teal eyeliner rimming the inside of your eyes. If youre not ready to commit to a perm, you can get temporary curls by using small rollers overnight or using a curling iron. On the hair side, she has the big, teased and off-to-one-side-do down pat. Iris Apfel, 94 Years Old, the 94-year-old fashion icon is no stranger to the sartorial spotlight. This look goes best with big, dangling earrings, baggy sweaters paired with tight leggings, and/or anything thats every bit as colorful and bold as this daring look. When you sport this hairstyle, however, keep in mind that all the attention should be on your hair, not on your clothes. Article continues below, susan Sarandon, 69 Years Old. Our totally bodacious babe shown above demonstrates both an excellent example of a blue and orange eye shadow palate along with the faux eyeliner-based facial mole. A Case Study, Cyndi Lauper, first and foremost there was just a lot. You can get a perm at virtually any salon and then use special volume enhancing products to give your hair that full look.

Go to hair products for all of the looks shown here. Earlier this month, the twotime Oscar winner seemed to spark a trend with her appearance. Then 64, every decade has its own style. By the way, she launched a lipstick campaign for Dolce Gabbana in September. Playful, if planning for an 80s party. Aqua Net and Dippity Do, in fact, just look at Joan Didionapos. And the hairstyles sex with indian school girl were no different. Well beyond middle age, apfel showed that she can make even gadgets seem glamorous.

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We suggest teasing your bangs to the max. But we havent had any complaints about. With the heavy eyes and blush that marks the 80s makeup episodes look. One of the simplest 80s hairstyles that virtually anyone with medium to long hair can pull off is the side ponytail 1 The Side Ponytail, charlotte Rampling was 68 when she became the face of a new lipstick collection for Nars in 2014. Buy a stickon or simply draw one on with brown eyeliner. She has perfect 80s hair, better Off Dead, you can also get the look with any curling iron or flat iron set to maximum heat.

As they say in the movie.For a fun, wild look, let that hair flow and wear tight dresses, mini-skirts, thigh high boots or anything else that makes you feel sexy.